Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flower girly

In April, DS was a flower girl in Jeff's lovely niece's wedding. Apparently it was kind of Emily--the bride--to join us, since DS referred to it beforehand and in the two months since as "her" wedding, as in "Can you believe it, that Cousin Emily came to my wedding? And she wore a pretty white dress just like me? Can you just believe it?"

The flower petals were the most precisely and evenly spaced petals in the history of flower girling. When DS dropped each one, she would check the spacing from the previous petal and go back and rearrange it if necessary. Not a quick walk down the aisle, but that is okay, since she had asked Gran to have a glass of water awaiting her at the end of the aisle in case she got thirsty from the long walk.

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