Monday, February 8, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Husband of mine is out of town for a few days so we are in full survival mode until the one-man cavalry returns late tomorrow night. In the meantime, my four and 1/2 year old has apparently decided that it's high time to grow up and all the sudden, he is saying these insightful things that would more appropriately come out of a 34-year old mouth.

At breakfast, I was growling because 21-mos old MK had spilled her bowl of cereal and there was milk all over the table and her clothes (requiring a re-dress for preschool), and BB looked up from his bowl and nonchalantly said, "She's only a baby, mommy, she doesn't know better."

Well, then.

Earlier in the morning, we were all three snuggling in my bed waiting for the magical 7:00a when everyone is allowed to request that the day begin and they can now start asking me for cereal and apples and Curious George and bedroom shoes and toothbrushes and school Show-and-Share items. So BB and his sister were already pestering each other (of the "he touched my foot, but she's on my side" variety) which always leaves me excruciatingly irritated. I finally yelled at them to stop "or else" and said rhetorically, "why, WHY can't you just be nice to each other?" To which BB replied, "Because I'm four and she's three."

Well then. Again.

When I say that I learn from my children as much as I teach them, this is what I mean.

Ciao a tutti.


  1. I get this too. My 3 year old daughter's recent favorite response to any utterance of frustration by me when my little nurser bites or pulls is: "She's just a baby, Mom. She doesn't know."

  2. So, So true. It always sounds so different coming out of their mouths.