Monday, January 4, 2010

Twenty Ten

So. We have undecked the halls. We have flipped the kitchen calendar to 2010. We have made Resolutions. We have made To Do Lists. We have sent Dad back to work.

We have already been late for preschool. (Scratch that Resolution).

Actually, "we" means "I", but we get ahead of ourselves.

Christmas highlights:

--When decorating Christmas cookies with Gran, 19-month old MK was so eager to do the sprinkles with everyone else that she took the sprinkles bottle to bed and slept with it throughout her nap. Seriously, clutched the bottle in her hand while napping. Red dye #40 and all.

--Upon surveying his pile of Christmas morning gifts, 4-year old BB looked up and said incredulously, "Mommy, look at all that Santa Claus brought me! And I wasn't even that good!"

--Today, 3-year old DS asked, "Mommy, is coffee with sugar in it called coffee candy?" Well, DS, excellent question.

--MK said her first sentence last week while we were in the car on the way home from Georgia. She was looking out the window, happily kicking those pudgy legs at the end of her car seat, and said just as plain as day, "I see moon." That would include a subject, verb, and object. My beautiful brilliant baby girl.

It was a lovely Christmas. Truly.

I am not exactly sure what I want to accomplish in this blog. My personal goal is just to Write It Down, and of course, I could easily do that in a clothbound journal that is perfectly private and sits next to my bed. I decided on the blog route, however, for a number of reasons, mostly because I thought I would be a) less whiny and b) a little funnier. So bear with me, fair readers, as I figure this out. My two blog heroes--and as of now, my two readers--say anything I could say so much better, more cleverly and with such wit. But for whatever reason, I feel compelled to try.

Now, on to those NY Resolutions. For the sake of future accountability.

1. To continue on this healthy eating, less processed foods path.
2. To yell less.
3. To write it down.
4. And yes, to decide about that 4th kid.

Ciao a tutti.


  1. I can't believe you didn't tell me about any of those highlights. The are PERFECT. That MK, I"m telling you, she's the chew-her-own-leg-off survivor of the family. that girl does what needs to be done. and as for know my thoughts :-)

    ps...two in 5 days...way to go!

  2. No justifications needed - write it down, put it out there. You express yourself beautifully. I would love to follow along on your journey to #4. But, um, oh yeah, it isn't all about me? ;-)